Best Online Culinary Schools

by Tim Grigson | Last Updated: March 30, 2020

If going to culinary school is a dream, but you already have a busy work schedule, then choosing online culinary schools would be a perfect choice for you. These top culinary schools, although online, do not take away the challenge and demand needed to perfect the craft of becoming a professional chef. The programs are vigorous, taught by actual world class chefs and faculty members, and gives you the same classroom experience you would get.

Here is a list compiled of some of the best online colleges that offer culinary programs that you can choose from.

There is a lack of real professional cooking, and culinary arts programs online. What we have done is identified the best online culinary schools based on educators, course quality, and affordability and presented in a way to help you make the decision about the right culinary path for your career.


Penn Foster Career School

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Penn Foster offers an online Gourmet Cooking Certificate to get started on from the comfort of your own kitchen. With this program, you learn to cook gourmet meals and improve your skills at your own pace. This program lasts around three months. Here, you can prepare sauces, soups, pastries, and world cuisines.

Tuition and fees for the Gourmet Cooking Certificate are $635 for full payments, $735 for monthly auto payments, or $769 for monthly payments. To apply you must have a high school diploma or GED.


Le Cordon Bleu

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Le Cordon Bleu offers a specialized training program with an on ground and online component for newcomers. This program includes hands on instructions, face to face instruction, and online work.

You will advance your skills in management, customer service, and purchasing. Tuition and fees for this program is $500. Campus locations are worldwide.


Escoffier International Culinary Academy

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At Escoffier, the programs offered are the Certificate in Culinary program and the Certificate in Baking and Pastry program.

The Baking and Pastry program offers over 100 baking assignments and a fast paced 6 week training block. There is an emphasis on vegan and gluten free baking. You learn artisan bread baking, cake decorating, budget management and menu planning. Tuition and fees is $11,900 for the full program and a $40 registration fee.


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

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$470 per credit hour

Students can receive their bachelors and certificates degree on food service management. If you are more interested in managing people, controlling costs, and working with the menu and staff, this is the program for you.

Tuition and fees are $470 per credit hour and $100 per course. There are institutional, private, and outside scholarships available for students. The degree will prepare you for food director or banquet manager.