The Most Popular College Degree Programs

Communication Management Bachelor’s Degree

Overview Laying the foundation for a career in public relations, communications specialist, marketing or as a project manager, the Communication Management Bachelor’s Degree opens many different doors into understanding business […]

Business Leadership Bachelors Degree

Businesses of all sizes need people who are prepared to step up and take charge. A degree in business leadership gives students the skills they need to motivate individual workers, […]

Business Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree

Studying business information systems at university gives students detailed knowledge about how technology and processes are used by businesses of all kinds. The goal is to prepare students for careers where they will be involved […]

Business & Marketing Bachelors Degree

A Bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in marketing will prepare you for a number of careers involving promoting goods and services to potential customers. This field includes sales, advertising, and […]

Aviation Management Bachelor’s Degree

Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in aviation management gives students both a general education in business principles, as well as more specific training relating to the aviation field specifically. The program will appeal […]

Applied Management Bachelors Degree

A Bachelor’s degree with a major in applied management gives you the skills you need to be a leader in the organization you work with. Businesses of all kinds need people who […]

Advertising & Marketing Bachelors Degrees

Overview Today, advertising is one of the most important means of launching a new product and continuing to build brand loyalty for existing customers. Advertising majors who have strong communications […]

Accounting Bachelors Degree

Getting a Bachelors degree in accounting is a popular choice for students. The job offers low stress levels and a good rate of pay. Accounting grads are in demand, too, and many […]

Call Center Management Associate’s Degree

The demand for qualified people to work in call centers is growing, and completing the requirements for an Associate’s degree in call center management will prepare you for career opportunities in this field. As […]

Business Administration Associate Degree

Overview Understanding every facet of what makes businesses run, a Business Administration Associate Degree is for those just starting out in the business world, or managers and executives looking to learn the […]