To identify the Best Colleges in Long Beach for 2019 we averaged the results from the most respected college ranking systems ( + US News & World Report) from around the web to produce an entirely unique CollegeReviews Score for each school. And then ordered the schools based on that ranking. You won’t find a more exhaustive ranking of the best colleges and universities in Long Beach anywhere.

About The Best Colleges In Long Beach

Long Beach is a suburb city of Southern California’s Los Angeles metropolitan area. It is one of the most populated cities in Southern California.

Long Beach is Los Angeles’ second largest city and the third largest in Southern California.

Long Beach has 105 colleges within 50 miles. The nearest college is American Health Sciences University, 1.2 miles from Long Beach Center.

Regional Information

Neighborhoods: Park Estates, The Plaza, City College Area.
Attractions: Marconi Automotive Museum, Bellissima Art and Custom Framing, The Promenade, Long Beach.
Popular Schools:Long Beach City College Liberal Arts Campus, Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus
Charter College.

About Our Methodology

Our methodology for determining the best colleges in Long Beach takes both editorial rankings from US News & World Report, Times Higher Education and combines it with student rankings from We weight student rankings higher giving them about a 80% weighted score vs editorial rankings. Thus creating a more accurate viewpoint of the best colleges in any given state.