Studying business information systems at university gives students detailed knowledge about how technology and processes are used by businesses of all kinds. The goal is to prepare students for careers where they will be involved with systems used for storing and retrieving information. Students in this program also take general business courses to provide them with a good base of knowledge in how companies operate.

This program is a good choice for those people who want a certain amount of flexibility in their studies. They may choose to focus on programming, e-commerce, or database applications as part of their studies. Here are some examples of the courses you would take if you chose this major:

• Advanced Java
• Business Programming COBOL I
• Career Seeking Skills
• Database Programming
• E-Commerce on the Web
• E-Commerce Scripting Languages
• Electronic Photo Editing
• Financial Accounting/Computers
• Intro to Website Development
• Management of Information
• Microcomputers in Business
• Principles of Accounting
• Relational Database Design
• Technical and Business Writing

Career Options

Graduates from a business information systems program can find work in several fields, including:

• Computer Support
• Database Administration
• Design/Development
• Information Systems Management
• Management/Operation
• Network Administration
• Programming
• Project Management
• Systems Analyst
• Training