A Bachelor’s degree with a major in applied management gives you the skills you need to be a leader in the organization you work with. Businesses of all kinds need people who can analyze situations, make decisions, and act on them decisively. This program gives students a good base of knowledge in business law, ethics, marketing matters, and accounting.

This program is a good choice for students who want get a broad base of knowledge in how businesses are run. It’s geared to people who have the drive, ambition, and confidence to take charge of a department. Applied management involves understanding the steps involved in increasing a company’s effectiveness and how implementing change affects the organization. The program will help to develop the student’s analytical abilities and communication skills.

A student majoring in applied management would take the following types of courses:

• Accounting
• Advertising
• Business Ethics
• Computer Inventory and Billing
• Financial Management
• Group Dynamics
• Management Principles
• Network Security
• Networking
• Organizational Development
• Project Management

Career Options

Completing a degree program in applied management will qualify you for the following careers:

• Advertising Manager
• Department Head
• Entrepreneur
• Human Resources Manager
• Management Consultant
• Office Manager
• Project Manager
• Sales Manager
• Supervisor