To identify the Best Colleges in San Diego for 2019 we averaged the results from the most respected college ranking systems ( + US News & World Report) from around the web to produce an entirely unique CollegeReviews Score for each school. And then ordered the schools based on that ranking. You won’t find a more exhaustive ranking of the best colleges and universities in San Diego anywhere.

About The Best Colleges In San Diego

San Diego is California’s second largest city with a range of community colleges, public universities, private colleges, universities, and law schools. These institutions strive to provide the academic preparation and workforce training needed to compete in a global economy.

The San Diego Community College District serves over 100,000 students a year through three two-year colleges and seven Continuing Campuses. The three colleges offer career-driven associate degrees and certificates to help prepare students for entry-level jobs and transfer arts and science degree programs to four-year colleges and universities. San Diego also houses a variety of four-year public and private universities.

University of California, San Diego is one of the nations largest colleges, with five academic divisions, and five graduate and professional schools.

San Diego State University, which offers bachelor’s degrees in 84 specialties, master’s degrees in 76 specialties, and doctoral degrees in 21 specialties, has educated more of San Diego’s civic leaders than any other institution— in fact, 80 percent of graduates stay in San Diego to pursue careers.

National University is the second largest private non-profit higher education institution in California and the 12th largest in the United States, offering 100 degrees, 30 certificates, and 22 credentials.

Point Loma Nazarene University, serves over 3,500 students through 60 campuses, 30% are foreign students from abroad.

Regional Information

Neighborhoods: South Park, Carmel Valley, Hillcrest.
Attractions: Fly Guys Watersports, Cabrillo National Monument, SeaWorld San Diego.
Popular Schools: Columbia College-San Diego, San Diego State University, San Diego Community College

About Our Methodology

Our methodology for determining the best colleges in San Diego takes both editorial rankings from US News & World Report, Times Higher Education and combines it with student rankings from We weight student rankings higher giving them about a 80% weighted score vs editorial rankings. Thus creating a more accurate viewpoint of the best colleges in any given state.