Best Colleges In Los Angeles

by Tim Grigson | Last Updated: February 16, 2020

To identify the Best Colleges in Los Angeles for 2020 we averaged the results from the most respected college ranking systems ( + US News & World Report) from around the web to produce an entirely unique CollegeReviews Score for each school. And then ordered the schools based on that ranking. You won’t find a more exhaustive ranking of the best colleges and universities in Los Angeles anywhere.

About the Best Colleges In Los Angeles

California has a comprehensive system of public education. It actually has 111 colleges in the community alone. LA has a wealth of community colleges, four-year universities and online colleges, both public and private.

Los Angeles City College (LACC) is the largest community college by enrollment. Founded in 1929, it has 16,042 students. A unique feature of LCC is its multi-ethnic student base, which ranges in age from high school students to senior citizens.

LACC offers music, nursing, engineering and many other areas of study degrees and certificates. The school also provides career and vocational programs to students who want to pursue careers in areas such as law enforcement, business, entertainment, and child development.

Regional Information

Neighborhoods: Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Venice.
Attractions: Universal Studios, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign.
Popular Schools: California Institute of Technology, Pomona College, University of Southern California.

Other two-year public schools in LA include Los Angeles Harbor College and West Los Angeles College. LA has two four-year state universities in addition to two-year colleges. According to the United States, California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) serves 18,074 students and accepts 67.5% of those applying each year. CSU Northridge (CSUN) has 31,119 students and an acceptance rate of 46.2 percent.

Both universities offer numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees, credentials, and certificates. Some examples include African American studies, social work, urban learning, and exercise science. The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is also home to Los Angeles. UCLA is the most widely applied university in the U.S., according to the website of the institution.

About Our Methodology

Our methodology for determining the best colleges in Los Angeles takes both editorial rankings from US News & World Report, Times Higher Education and combines it with student rankings from We weight student rankings higher giving them about a 80% weighted score vs editorial rankings. Thus creating a more accurate viewpoint of the best colleges in any given state.