The world of business is rapidly evolving towards a web centered approach. With the number of individuals who access the internet on a daily basis multiplying exponentially, nearly every business utilizes the internet to reach customers or consumers. Businesses of all types are able to advertise their services and products and accept various requests through websites. Marketing, advertising, even purchasing and scheduling can all be accomplished with a properly designed website. This has led to an increasing need for skilled, qualified professionals in the IT field with a range of abilities in this specialized IT area. Developing aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate websites has become an essential aspect for a successful business.

Since the majority of businesses have recognized the advantages of having a website, website design has become a competitive business. Websites are the newest form of advertisement for any business. If constructed in an appealing, eye catching manner, the appearance of a website alone could secure new customers. Businesses require the services of individuals with an artistic talent in design and appearance and the training to utilize the available technology to maximize the effects of their talents. For busy working professionals, finding the time to obtain the training can be difficult. However, the colleges and universities listed below offer high quality programs in web design in a convenient online format. And many offer the added benefit of career placement assistance upon graduation to ensure you secure a position in the field in the shortest period of time.

1. Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, founded in 1921, offers a long history of quality academic programs focused towards professional development. The institution has more than forty campus locations throughout the country and established their online campus programs in the year 2000. Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education, students are afforded the opportunity to pursue a high quality degree program tailored to their professional and scheduling needs. Online students are provided with many of the same advantages as campus students including tutoring, advising, career placement assistance and interactions with faculty members. Online students are even offered the option of attending the graduation ceremony upon completion of the degree program.

At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, programs in the creative fields are among the school’s top priorities proven by their successful educational history. Graduates of the AIP web design programs have received awards for the portfolio work completed while students in their programs. The web design diploma and degree programs offered at AIP teach students the elemental aspects of Web site design. The curriculum includes coursework in graphics and animation development, software, techniques and design models. The associate of science in multimedia and web design degree program train the students to utilize their creative skills with technology to become programmers, web site designers, graphic designer and marketing professionals. Students learn digital image manipulation, audio, animation, scriptwriting and multimedia system design. A Bachelor degree program is offered in web design and interactive media.

2. Sanford Brown

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The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development program provides creative and technical education with a focus on advanced studies in programming, database management, and web administration while incorporating the basic theories of graphics, text, and interactivity for the web. This combination of conventional and electronic techniques plus a foundation of general education coursework, offers students a balanced and well-rounded base essential to successfully perform and communicate in this industry.

3. American Intercontinental University

American Intercontinental University was founded in 1970 and is a member of the United States Distance Learning Association. Dedicated to providing relevant and current degree programs for the in the most in demand fields, AIU offers their students a range of majors with the flexibility to schedule their courses around their busy schedules. AIU has traditional campus locations in addition to their online virtual campus. The University endeavors to further the educational goals of their students with the purpose of advancing their career opportunities. Students can pursue associate, bachelor and master degree level programs.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with a concentration in Web Design offered at the American Intercontinental University trains future professionals in a rapidly growing field. American Intercontinental University is dedicated to developing their students creative abilities in the technoligical visual arts. Students learn the skills to use the most current software tools available. The curriculum includes coursework in advanced digital graphics, multimedia, multimedia for the weg, advanced web design, advanced graphic design, ilustration, theory and history of visual communication and portfolio development. Graduates of the programs are prepared for positions as web producers, flash designers, digital artists and internet marketing designers.

4. University of Phoenix

Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. The University of Phoenix has pioneered online distance learning education; developing innovative and functional methods of delivering quality educational programs to time challenged students. With more than 100 campuses accessible, students have the opportunity to attend traditional classes at the institution or to complete their degree programs completely through online courses. Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programs are all available at the University of Phoenix. The university is focused on developing specific professional core values in each of their graduates; professional competence and integrity, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Axia College of University of Phoenix offers a range of art degrees in the field of technology. The Associate of Arts in Information Technology with a concentration in web design prepares graduates for a range of professional careers. The degree program provides comprehensive training in the fundamentals of the field including HTML, DHMTL, and creating and publishing text based web pages. Students will learn web specific programming language, standards for web design and implementation and the application of web authoring tools. The curriculum includes instruction in a wide array of software programs; Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. Graduates of the program are equipped to serve the broad business needs for a variety of industries.

5. Baker College

Baker College was established in 1911 and has become the largest independent college in their home state of Michigan. The Higher Learning Commission accredited College boasts 9campus locations and 6 branch locations throughout the state and one of the largest online programs available. All of the programs offered at Baker College are career focused; contributing in part to the 98% successful employment rate of their graduates. Students are offered support in every aspect of their educational experience beginning with financial aid to help with the cost to educational assistance and flexibility and continuing with the graduates lifetime career assistance offered by the college. Baker College offers training in 140 career programs in the most in demand professions within the shortest time possible while maintaining a quality program.

Baker College offers a certificate program and an associate’s degree in web development. The 60 credit certificate program provides training in the foundational areas required for effective and successful web development. The program curriculum includes coursework in general education and major specific subjects. Required courses include introductory courses in programming, graphic imaging, database applications and algebra as well as courses in oral communication web design, HTML programming, internet and the web, internet commerce, interactive web design and server side programming. The 97 credit Associate of Applied Science Degree with a concentration in web development program content encompasses the same fundamental areas as the certificate program but also includes training in common software, web scripting, web multi-media and information system security as well as a range of other courses. Graduates will be capable of developing sites for both public and private organizations.

6. Kaplan University

Kaplan University was established in 1937 in response to a demonstrated need of both employers and professionals for an educated workforce. The institution is committed to providing flexible, current educational programs to a diverse working population which can be scheduled around the demands of their student’s professions and responsibilities. Kaplan University assists their students in fulfilling their educational and professional goals with intensive programs developed cooperatively by experienced faculty members and professionals in the various fields. The online programs are taught by instructors from around the globe who are leaders in their professions. Though technology can detract from the experience, Kaplan endeavors to maintain a personal connection with all of their students and to provide an interactive experience comparable to that experienced by traditional campus students through discussion forums, committed advisors and extensive resources accessed online. The advanced start degree option allows students to transfer qualifying credits and to continue in their studies.

Programs offered in website development at Kaplan University include certificate and degree programs; both associate and bachelor’s. The content of the information technology and visual arts programs with the concentration in web development is intended to provide comprehensive training in using software and developmental tools to design effective and creative web content for a variety of business customers. Students will learn to use critical thinking and analytical skills to determine the most effective application of technologies to target specific consumer groups. The required courses for the degree programs include general studies in arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and communications. Major specific courses required include introduction to website development, academic strategies for the IT professional, foundations in information technology and of programming using visual basics, project management, systems analysis and design and a range of software specific courses.

7. Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College was established in the late 1800’s in an effort to provide educational opportunities for a busy workforce without which the population would not realize their professional and educational advancement goals. In Penn Foster College’s more than 100 year history, the institution has earned its reputation as a leader in quality distance education. Students are provided with ongoing reliable support throughout their time with Penn Foster College from instructors and staff members. The Distance Education and Training Council accredited degree programs offered at Penn Foster College utilize the most current knowledge and technologies to provide the most current professional training as required by employers within the business world.

Students pursuing educational programs in web development have the option of selecting a certificate program in information technology with a concentration in web design or an associate degree in computer information systems or graphic design. The certificate program offers comprehensive training in the foundational skills necessary for a successful career in web design. Both associate degree programs offer training in the relevant aspects of web design. The computer information systems degree provides the skills necessary to become proficient in PC applications, web development, database technology, systems analysis and design, Java programming, network protocols and internetworking. The Graphic Design associate degree program incorporates technology and creativity to develop creative webpage layouts.

8. Coleman College

Coleman College, established in 1963, is considered a leader in information technology education. Coleman College’s commitment to providing innovative and cutting edge degree programs has resulted in a 90% employment rate for their graduates within one year from graduation. Accredited by the Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, Coleman College’s accelerated educational programs provide the most current training available to suit the present and future needs of employers. The inverted curriculum developed by Coleman provides students career focused training first followed by the general education courses necessary to fulfill the degree requirements. The curriculum for each program is developed as a stepping stone for the next educational platform to encourage students to continue to advance their education throughout their lifetimes.

The degree programs offered at Coleman College in information technology include associates, bachelors and masters. Certificate programs are also available. The curriculum instructs students in the fundamentals of the field including systems analysis, application design, website development and e-commerce concepts. Students are able to manage the extensive range of potential difficulties which tend to emerge in information technology careers. Graduates of Coleman College are familiar with the basic concepts of programming, the most prevalent software and are experienced with designing web pages and programming in a number of the languages of the most commonly used platforms. Students are expected to complete general education courses in mathematics, the sciences and English in addition to their major specific courses.

9. Herzing University

Herzing University, founded in 1965, is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. When Herzing University was first established, it served as a computer training institute. The college has since evolved into an institution offering degree programs in health care, business and many of the other high demand professions. In addition to their online degree campus, Herzing also has campuses in eight U.S. states. The course content at Herzing University is continuously updated to include the most current information, skill sets and technologies. Herzing University subscribes to a student first philosophy. The flexible degree program options allow students to tailor the programs to suit their needs. Small class sizes permit the instructors to provide individualized support to each student.

The Computer Science degree programs offered at Herzing University provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to become successful professionals in the field. Associate and Bachelor degree programs are offered. The curriculum includes instruction in programming, troubleshooting, website development and software training. Courses include business principles and Management, visual basic, Linux administration, network security, advanced web development, architecture and troubleshooting, oriented programming 1 and 2 and a range of other courses. The online degree programs do not require students to adhere to a specific time and day log in requirement; instead they are advised of the course requirements and permitted to fulfill their requirements at the time most convenient for them. Upon completion of the degree programs, students will have the option of obtaining positions as web page coordinators, website developers, internet or software developers and junior programmer or analysts.

10. Westwood College

Westwood College is considered one of the premier institutions for web design degree programs. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, Westwood College was founded in 1953. The College now boasts 17 campuses and a student enrollment of more than 15,000 students. Even with the substantial size of their student body, class sizes are still maintained at a small size to ensure students receive the instruction and support they require from the 1200 plus qualified instructors employed by the college. The degree programs offered at Westwood College are career focused, developed in a collaborative effort between faculty, employers and professional organizations. Course content is continuously updated to stay current with the evolving needs and technologies of the various professional fields.

Westwood College offers both associate and bachelor degree programs in Web design and Multimedia. The associate and bachelor degrees in graphic design and multimedia are comprehensive programs which encompass the foundational topics and more advanced areas necessary to be successful in the web design profession. Students learn to utilize software tools such as Adobe inDesign CS4, Illustrator CS4, Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop CS4, how to create professional websites, determine marketing objectives and to understand the various languages used in programming. The required coursework includes advanced interactive authoring and design, image editing, digital illustration, web page design and technologies and data base design and development. The accelerated bachelor degree program permits students to complete their degree in three years.