When most people think of ultrasound technicians, they immediately think of pregnant women. However, these technicians can be found in every sector of the medical field, from obstetrics to cardiology, neurology, and physical therapy. A career as an ultrasound technician isn’t difficult to pursue, though it does take training that can only be found at an accredited school.

Thankfully, there are several options to choose from, depending on what qualifications you are looking for. Ultrasound technicians generally have an associate’s degree in the field, though credentials span from a certificate program to bachelor’s degrees in sonography and radiology. The advancement of technology provides new opportunities in the field of sonography and radiology.

Ultrasound technicians do not need to hold an associates or bachelors degree to have a job in the field. For this reason, many schools offer certificate or diploma programs that prepare students for the testing needed to become certified. If you are looking to enter into this field, or pursue a higher education, consider one of these top 100 ultrasound technician schools.

Best Ultrasound Technician Schools – 2018

#1 – Mattia College

Location: Miami, Florida
Tuition: $54,600

Mattia College, founded in 1994, is owned by Professional Training Centers, Inc. It is dedicated to promoting ìintellectual discovery and awareness of society’s technological demands for professional competency.î The school offers Associate of Science degrees in General Radiologic Technology and Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

#2 – Cambridge Institute of Allied Health

Location: Delray Beach, Florida
Tuition: $47,113

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health offers associate’s degrees at their Delray Beach and Atlanta campuses. The school’s programs take 28 months to complete and provide students with comprehensive medical knowledge and diagnostic imaging skills. Students at Cambridge Institute also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through clinical rotations at prestigious medical centers.

#3 – Vanderbilt University

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Tuition: $43,838

Vanderbilt University offers a DMS program where students can earn a certificate and learn enough to successfully apply for certification exams with the ARDMS. The program offers classes of no more than five students and the certificate program can be completed in 18 months. Vanderbilt requires didactic and clinical experience to prepare graduates for the ARDMS certification. Introductory coursework for vascular sonography is also offered.

#4 – Rochester Institute of Technology

Location: Rochester, New York
Tuition: $35,768

Rochester Institute of Technology offers a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, allowing graduates to pursue their career as an ultrasound technician. The program prepares competent, compassionate, and responsible students to become ultrasound professionals and leaders in their field. The program is four years long and includes a clinical internship. Those holding associate degrees can complete the B.S. degree in two years, though additional coursework may be required.

#5 – Long Island University

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Tuition: $34,852

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Long Island University offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in the field. Students begin with a liberal arts base, then learn the core courses of science and radiology. Then, they begin the professional phase of their education at the start of their third full-time academic year. The program offers extensive clinical and hands-on experience. Prior to the program’s completion, students will be eligible to take the ARDMS examination in three concentrations: abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology, and echocardiology.

#6 – Rush University

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Tuition: $32,671

Rush University offers a vascular ultrasound program where students learn specifically how to work with vascular sonography technology. Students do not need previous experience in the medical field to enter the program, though they do need a minimum of 60 semester or 90 quarter hours at an accredited college. Advanced placement is offered for students who already earned their Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) credential or passed the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) through the ARDMS.

#7 – Misericordia University

Location: Dallas, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $29,010

Misericordia’s DMS certificate is an 18-month program that prepares students to become ultrasound technicians. Classes begin in August each year. The program is designed for adult or non-traditional learners who need convenient and predictable scheduling. Classes are held on alternating weekends and include one weekday clinical education component. Classroom learning is integrated with simulated lab experiences and clinical experience to ensure students are prepared to enter the workforce.

#8 – American College for Medical Careers

Location: Orlando, Florida
Tuition: $28,000

The American College for Medical Careers offers bachelor degrees in cardiovascular sonography and diagnostic medical sonography. The first six months of the CV program involves training and developing a foundation for hands-on work. After six months, students transition to the hands-on component of the program. For the DMS program, students are prepared to become ultrasound technicians through classroom training and a clinical externship at a medical facility.

#9 – Loma Linda University

Location: Loma Linda, California
Tuition: $28,752

Loma Linda University offers three tracks for its DMS program. The university combines coursework with hands-on experience to help students learn to perform ultrasound exams in a variety of areas. The three tracks are: Sonography & Vascular Technology, OB-GYN, and General Sonography.

#10 – Nova Southeastern University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuition: $26,700

Students at Nova Southeastern University can earn a Bachelor of Science in Medical Sonography and even pursue a master’s degree if they choose. The program is intensive and can only begin after the student has completed 30 credit hours of prerequisites. Students spend 27 months gaining exposure to all aspects of the field through classroom training and hands-on experience. Laboratory courses include ultrasound, venous testing, and other types of sonography. Along with earning a B.S., students are also prepared for the national registry examination.

#11 – Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $23,045

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences offers an associate degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The school allows students to pick between on-campus education and a hybrid program that offers some courses online. At PCHS, students learn through classroom and hands-on training. Clinical facilities include the local Lancaster General Hospital, where students observe and perform a range of diagnostic exams.

#12 – CBD College

Location: Los Angeles, California
Tuition: $23,700

CBD prepares students for a successful career as an ultrasound technician with a Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Ultrasound Associate Degree Program. The program teaches students the basics of sonography and prepares them for certifications required to become an ultrasound technician. CBD offers day and night classes for flexibility to work around studentsí schedules.

#13 – New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Tuition: $21,525

The New York Methodist Hospital Center for Allied Health Education’s DMS (ultrasound) program is a two-year program known for excellence of its classroom teachers and clinical instructors. Students at CAHE gain knowledge and skills necessary to achieve great success in the field of sonography. Graduates are eligible to sit for the ARDMS national registry exams.

#14 – University of Rio Grande

Location: Rio Grande, Ohio
Tuition: $21,930

URG’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program offers students an environment geared toward personal growth and professional development. The DMS program offers two majors, General Sonography and Cardiovascular Sonography. Both of these majors end with an Associate of Applied Science Degree. DMS graduates can move on to complete the Bachelor Degree Program. After core sonography courses, students complete a fourth year of coursework that prepares them for an advanced career in the field of sonography.

#15 – Mount Aloysius College

Location: Cresson, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $20,790

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Mount Aloysius College offers a specialization in Vascular Ultrasonography. The program is designed to prepare entry-level ultrasound technicians in the knowledge, skills, and behavior learning domains. Students will learn to perform diagnostic ultrasound examinations and have the opportunity to study anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of scanned organ systems. The program offers an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree.

#16 – South College

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Tuition: $19,475

South College offers an Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound). The program’s mission is to provide undergraduates with clinical and academic foundations to perform as entry-level sonographers. Students who complete the program will be eligible to apply for permission to write the certification examination by the ARDMS. Successful completion of the exam provides the student with credentials to practice as a registered ultrasound technician.

#17 – Allen College

Location: Waterloo, Iowa
Tuition: $19,295

Allen College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, as well as a certificate in the field. The program’s goal is to prepare students for work as an ultrasound technician through the knowledge, skills, and behavior learning domains. The program takes five semesters, or about 21 months to complete. It provides students with didactic and clinical training that will help them become professionals in the field of diagnostic ultrasound. Course work includes effective communication and patient skills, along with a knowledge of physics, instrumentation, human anatomy and physiology, and pathology.

#18 – Saint Catharine College

Location: Saint Catharine, Kentucky
Tuition: $18,926

Saint Catharine College offers an associate’s degree in sonography in three concentrations: general, vascular, and cardiology. Applicants to the program do not need to have any prior medical or health care experience. The program teaches students master entry-level competencies in their area of emphasis. Students at Saint Catharine receive intensive hands-on training in area clinics. They begin eight-hour-a-day clinical rotations during the 10-week summer term. Students must attend clinic 32 hours per week. During the Fall and Spring terms, students attend 24 clinic hours per week.

#19 – Pittsburgh Career Institute

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $17,547

PCI offers an associate in DMS, which is designed to prepare entry-level ultrasound technicians. The program’s core curriculum is structured to include an on-campus lecture component, an on-campus imaging laboratory component, and an off-campus integrated clinical component. The latter portion includes supervised experiences in the clinical environment to prepare students for their careers.

#20 – Great Lakes Institute of Technology

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $16,036

The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program at Great Lakes Institute of Technology offers students the opportunity to learn in the classroom and through practical application. The program specializes in general sonography, which includes abdominal, small parts, obstetrics and gynecology, and introduction to vascular. The program is designed for students with little or no prior medical experience.

#21 – Keiser University

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuition: $16,936

Keiser University offers an associate’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography at five campuses: Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Melbourne, and New Port Richey. The degree combines didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiences to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the field of ultrasound technology. Keiser offers both general and vascular concentrations.

#22 – South Hills School of Business & Technology

Location: State College, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $16,521

South Hills School of Business & Technology offers a CAAHEP-accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that provides a foundation for students to enter the fields alongside radiologists, cardiologists, and other medical professionals. The school offers three pathways to enroll in the program based on the student’s background. Within the program, the student may choose between specializations in General Sonography, Cardiac Sonography, or Vascular Sonography. The program takes three years to complete.

#23 – Mercy College of Health Sciences

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Tuition: $15,642

MCHS offers a five-semester associate degree program that trains students in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program includes classroom instruction, practice in skills lab, and clinical experience in different healthcare settings. Students who complete the program have the option of advancing to the Bachelor of Science programs in Health Care Administration and Health Science.

#24 – Platt College-Los Angeles

Location: Alhambra, California
Tuition: $14,820

Platt College offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The associate’s degree can be completed in 20 months, while the bachelor’s degree can be earned in as little as 31 months. Platt limits enrollment in the program to a small number of students, ensuring that they receive personalized attention from instructors. Students must complete foundational coursework and a clinical externship before graduation.

#25 – Lackawanna College

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $13,690

Lackawanna College’s entrance into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Cardiac and Vascular Programs is selective. The former admits 20 students per year, while the latter admits 25 annually. Each program is designed to be completed in two years with day, evening, and Saturday classes. There are also on- and off-campus clinical hours. Each program also requires summer session courses and clinical lab hours.

#26 – Virginia College

Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Tuition: $13,932

Virginia College offers an associate’s degree in DMS at several campuses across the southeast. The program lasts 24 months and is designed to provide students with a well-rounded, hands-on education for a career as an ultrasound technician. This top school offers ultrasound physics, instrumentation, and other specialized courses. Along with on-campus classes, students must complete 400 hours of comprehensive clinical experience through an externship.

#27 – Santa Barbara City College

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Tuition: $13,427

Santa Barbara City College operates its DMS program on a cohort system, meaning that students who enroll for the same semester will complete classes together and graduate together. The program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

#28 – Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Location: Newark, New Jersey
Tuition: $13,297

Rutgers offers a DMS program on its Scotch Plains campus. The program is full-time and takes 15 months to complete. Each new class begins in September, learning clinical and didactic instruction. Courses of study include Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology, Ultrasound Physics, and others. Clinical training is a requirement for program completion. Rutgers offers four programs based on a student’s previous educational experience.

#29 – Adventist University of Health Sciences

Location: Orlando, Florida
Tuition: $12,430

At Adventist University of Health Sciences, students can learn on campus or online. Students who study on campus can receive an associate’s degree under the instruction of multi-credentialed seasoned sonographers. All faculty members carry their own expertise and instruct students in their respective fields. Online, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program is meant to prepare students for work as an ultrasound technician while taking into account their need for a flexible program.

#30 – Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Location: Carbondale, Illinois
Tuition: $12,248

Southern Illinois University offers a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program takes four years and students who complete the program can sit for the national certification examinations. The first two years of study include basic sciences, general core courses, and required health classes. The third year includes courses on diagnostic medical sonography. The final year includes coursework and clinical experiences.

#31 – College of DuPage

Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Tuition: $10,981

College of DuPage offers an associate’s degree in Sonography, as well as certificate programs in Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography (DMIS) and Diagnostic Medical Imaging Vascular Sonography (DMIVS). The school’s goal is to train students to meet the demands for skilled medical imaging technicians in the healthcare field.

#32 – Ohio State University

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Tuition: $10,037

OSU’s professional program takes six semesters, including the summer semester between the third and fourth year, to complete. Students can earn a bachelor’s degree in either general or vascular concentrations. Students must complete prerequisite and general education courses during the first two years. After that, they go into the professional program where they complete an integrated didactic and clinical curriculum. There is no provision for part-time or evening-only enrollment in this program.

#33 – University of Kansas

Location: Lawrence, Kansas
Tuition: $10,448

The University of Kansas offers an accredited ultrasound program that takes 18 months, or 5 academic semesters, to complete. The program is aimed at preparing students to use complex equipment in a clinical setting as either an ultrasound technician or a vascular technologist. Instructors employed by the University of Kansas Hospital teach didactic studies. Clinical instruction is guided by sonographers employed by either the hospital or the KU Medical Center.

#34 – Ferris State University

Location: University Center, Michigan
Tuition: $10,677

FSU gives students the chance to earn an Associate in Applied Science of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program requires students to first be admitted to the university as a Pre-DMS student. The six-semester sequential course of study leads to an associate of applied science. The school provides an internship for the last three semesters of the program, though a specific clinical site location cannot be guaranteed.

#35 – Baptist Memorial College of Health Science

Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Tuition: $10,412

At Baptist Memorial College of Health Science, students can earn a Bachelor of Health Science degree in the field of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The college’s goal is to teach students how to work as knowledgeable entry-level sonographers who can demonstrate clinical proficiency of sonographic procedures.

#36 – Grand Valley State University

Location: Allendale, Michigan
Tuition: $10,752

Grand Valley State University offers a Bachelor of Science in DMS. Students spend the first two years completing general education and prerequisite courses before they can apply to the secondary competitive program. Students can pick between general, adult and pediatric echocardiography, or adult echocardiography and vascular sonography. Coursework topics include medical ethics and law, pathophysiology, patient care and professionalism, and ultrasound physics and instrumentation.

#37 – Kettering College

Location: Kettering, Ohio
Tuition: $10,440

Kettering College’s Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography requires one year of prerequisites before students can apply to the program. Once the student is accepted, they complete additional coursework in arts and sciences, along with an introduction to sonography. Along with in-class work, students must complete a clinical externship.

#38 – Harper College

Location: Palatine, Illinois
Tuition: $9,264

At Harper College, students can earn an associate’s degree in DMS or Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography. Both degrees offer graduates the opportunity to secure their ARDMS credentials. They also have the chance to enter the field as an entry-level ultrasound technician. A clinical hospital experience is provided for each program to help students get hands-on experience.

#39 – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Tuition: $9,391

Students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee can pick between two clinical tracks — general/vascular sonography or echocardiography/vascular sonography. The program is rigorous and requires completing four or more semesters of preclinical coursework to prepare for a two-year professional and clinical training.

#40 – University of Missouri-Columbia

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Tuition: $9,433

The University of Missouri-Columbia offers a bachelor of science degree, as well as the United Statesí first Masters of Health Science in ultrasound. The bachelor’s DMU program is 35-40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year. It has more than 25 clinical sites throughout Missouri in which students are placed during their clinical training.

#41 – University of Nebraska Medical Center

Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Tuition: $8,736

UNMC’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiation Science Technology is awarded to students who complete the school’s intensive 12-month program, which includes lectures, labs, and more than 1100 hours of supervised clinical instruction. DMS students spent 40 hours per week training, including 10 hours of didactic training and 30 hours of clinical training. Part of the clinical experience includes early morning and evening rotations.

#42 – Austin Community College

Location: Austin, Texas
Tuition: $8.670

Austin Community College offers certificates and associate of applied science degrees in sonography. Students interested in the associate’s degree must declare General Studies in Science as their major until they are accepted into the sonography program. Once they are accepted, students work toward the AAS in Diagnostic MEdical Sonography and the ATC in Med-Vascular Sonography.

#43 – University of Iowa

Location: Iowa City, Iowa
Tuition: $8,079

University of Iowa’s Radiation Sciences Program includes a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with either a general concentration or cardiac. Each track has a selective admission process. Along with core classes, students job shadow professionals in the area of interest and gain direct patient care experience.

#44 – John A. Logan College

Location: Carterville, Illinois
Tuition: $8,077

John. A. Logan College’s DMS program is an 18-month full-time career program that address the growing demand for well-qualified ultrasound technicians and focuses on cardiac sonography. The college notes that a strong math and physics background is suggested, but not required. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP and is designed to prepare students to apply for the ARDMS examination. Successful candidates become Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographers.

#45 – University of Colorado Hospital

Location: Denver, Colorado
Tuition: $8,500

The University of Colorado offers a DMS program that includes classroom instruction, laboratory training, and hands-on scanning experience. It is a 12-month full-time program that sees students at University of Colorado Hospital Monday-Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm. The course includes four clinical and one didactic day of instruction each week. Curriculum includes classes in ultrasound physics, cross-sectional anatomy, superficial structures, and others.

#46 – Montgomery College

Location: Rockville, Maryland
Tuition: $8,910

Montgomery College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in ultrasound. The curriculum requires a minimum of two years of didactic and clinical experience. Montgomery’s goal is to provide a foundation for graduates to become highly skilled ultrasound technicians. Students must meet prerequisites for first-semester courses. Each course related to sonography builds on materials offered in previous courses.

#47 – Triton College

Location: River Grove, Illinois
Tuition: $8,858

Triton College understands that ultrasound is a fast-growing medical specialty. Because of this, they offer an AAS in the field. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP. Prerequisites include Introduction to Imaging Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, General Physics, and others.

#48 – Oregon Institute of Technology

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Tuition: $8,445

At Oregon Institute of Technology, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program is accredited regionally by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, which allows graduates to sit for the board exams through the ARDMS. The DMS program is also accredited by CAAHEP. Oregon Tech graduates have a high pass rate board certification.

#49 – Northampton Community College

Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $8,400

Northampton’s AAS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography is a 24-month general concentration program. It includes obstetrics, gynecology, abdominal, and breast sonography. The program’s clinical component gives students the opportunity to work in area hospitals under the direction of seasoned staff. Admission is dependent upon a number of requirements and is highly competitive.

#50 – Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Tuition: $7,720

Arkansas State University’s Radiologic Sciences Programs were established in 1981 and include seven tracks, from computed tomography/Mammography to Radiation Therapy and Sonography. Students who complete the program will be competent in at least two emphasis area by the time they graduate.

#51 – Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $7,440

Harrisburg Area Community College provides classroom and lab instruction to teach students sonography. The courses are accredited by the CAAHEP. Students must meet requirements including a physical examination, immunizations, background check, and CPR certification. Once they are accepted into the DMS program, students will learn to perform as an entry level ultrasound technician. Graduates find employment in hospital ultrasound departments and independent medical imaging centers.

#52 – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Tuition: $7,485

The DMS program at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as an online career ladder B.S. degree. The on-campus degree is a full-time, 22-month program that covers five semesters of coursework, as well as associated clinicals. The program starts a new class every August and graduates a class in May. Students are trained in general sonography, as well as either adult cardiac or vascular imaging. The online program is designed for current sonographers registered with the ADMS. It allows the student to complete the Bachelor of Science degree requirements online while working as a full-time ultrasound technician.

#53 – Community College of Allegheny County

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $7,216

The Community College of Allegheny County offers an Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Enrollment is limited by availability of clinical sites, as well as other factors. CCAC offers specialties in General Ultrasound, Cardiac Ultrasound, and Vascular Ultrasound. Students must select one specialty field of study for their major. Graduates can sit for the ARDMS exam.

#54 – NHTI-Concord’s Community College

Location: Concord, New Hampshire
Tuition: $7,104

NHTI offers a professional certificate in DMS. The program combines didactic and clinical study, enabling graduates to function in the medical community as ultrasound technicians. The program requires four semesters of full-time study and graduates are eligible to sit for the ARDMS certification exams.

#55 – Morehead State University

Location: Morehead, Kentucky
Tuition: $7,866

Morehead State University’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program has a selective admission policy that is separate from the University’s admission procedure. In order to apply for the program, students must first be accepted to Morehead and complete all prerequisites. The qualified applicant must also be a radiographer who is registry-able or registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Following acceptance, the DMS program includes 13 months of full-time didactic work and clinical practice. Students should expect to average 30 to 36 hours per week for the course.

#56 – Bergen Community College

Location: Paramus, New Jersey
Tuition: $7,614

Bergen’s DMS program specializes in abdomen, ob/gyn, and cardiac sonography. Students must complete all three specialities during the program. The DMS program is a competency-based education that provides a curriculum sequence in order for students to learn didactic, lab, and clinical skills effectively and sufficiently. Students who graduate from the program are eligible to sit for the ARDMS exams.

#57 – Boise State University

Location: Boise, Idaho
Tuition: $6,641

Boise State University offers a certificate in ultrasound for students looking to become ultrasound technicians. The program lasts one year and qualifies graduates to write the Abdomen, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Physics & Instrumentation credentialing exams offered by the ARDMS. The program consists of integrated classroom and clinical education.

#58 – SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Tuition: $6,170

Downstate’s DMS program is a two-year, upper-division program that begins every Fall semester and leads to the bachelor of science degree. The school’s program in Diagnostic Medical Imaging was the first in the United States to offer a bachelor of science in DMS. The curriculum integrates basic and medical sciences with sonography courses, as well as lab experiences throughout New York.

#59 – Washburn University

Location: Topeka, Kansas
Tuition: $6,038

Washburn University’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is offered in a Distance Learning format. Students are eligible to sit for the ARDMS or CCI upon completion of the program. Despite the online format, students are still able to work with registered ultrasound faculty and students are provided a variety of clinical experiences during their study time.

#60 – Grady Health System

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Tuition: $6,705

Grady Health System offers an advanced-level program, which is full-time and lasts 18 months. Classes are limited in size and admission is competitive, since only 11 students are accepted into the program every 18 months. The course awards a certificate from Grady Health System upon graduation and students are able to write the ARDMS exams after course completion.

#61 – University of Southern Indiana

Location: Evansville, Indiana
Tuition: $6,957

The Radiologic and Imaging Services program at University of Southern Indiana receive hundreds of hours of direct clinical experience while they also take courses from faculty who have years of experience in the medical field. Upon completion of the program, students are awarded the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences.

#62 – Westmoreland County Community College

Location: Youngwood, Pennsylvania
Tuition: $6,990

Westmoreland offers students the option of completing an associates degree of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program works to develop communication skills, technical skills, and personal skills to ensure students enter the field as competent entry-level sonographers.

#63 – Springfield Technical Community College

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Tuition: $5,106

Springfield offers an associate’s degree in sonography, which takes two years, including summer semesters, to complete. The program must be completed in a sequential manner, so there is no availability of part-time, evening, or weekend components. The program requires clinical internships at area hospitals.

#64 – Lake Michigan College

Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan
Tuition: $5,472

Lake Michigan College’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography program allows students the opportunity to prepare for a career in sonography in the community or around the country. LMC students work in ultrasound labs that include state of the art equipment, along with the latest training in diagnostic imaging education. The Lake Michigan College Medical Imaging Career Center (MICC) trains students in the classroom and through clinical internships in the community.

#65 – Saint Cloud Technical and Community College

Location: Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Tuition: $5,308

Sonography students at Saint Cloud Technical and Community College gain valuable experience within the first six weeks of the program by working with volunteer patients. Upon graduation, students earn an associate’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Generalist. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP.

#66 – Armstrong State University

Location: Savannah, Georgia
Tuition: $5,266

Armstrong State University accepts 20 students into the sonography program at a time, depending on the number of available clinical sites. The program requires students to complete clinical education courses at two or more distant clinical education centers. Students are responsible for travel and lodging expenses.

#67 – Jackson College

Location: Jackson, Michigan
Tuition: $4,704

Jackson College offers an Associate of Applied Science in General Sonography, Vascular Sonography, and Cardiac Sonography. All of these programs are second admit, meaning students must take basic studies courses before they can apply to the program. In addition to classroom work, students learn from clinical experiences.

#68 – Ivy Tech Community College

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Tuition: $4,055

Ivy Tech offers a DMA program as a selective admission program. Students must first be accepted into Healthcare Specialist with a concentration in DMS. Once prerequisite requirements are completed, students can apply to the program, which accepts a limited number of students each year. Graduates are registry eligible and must have worked for 12 months before taking the National Registry Examination.

#69 – Piedmont Virginia Community College

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Tuition: $4,235

Piedmont’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography prepares students for an entry-level sonographer job. the program combines classes taught on campus with hands-on instruction. Also offered is application of knowledge and skills at multiple clinical sites. Graduates are eligible to take the ARRT Sonography Certification Exam, as well as the ARDMS exams.

#70 – Greenville Technical College

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Tuition: $4,442

Greenville Technical College offers a seven-semester associate degree program for ultrasound technology. The program combines hands-on learning in the college’s ultrasound lab with a required supervised clinical placement. The program is demanding and well-respected, since students are highly skilled for their post-graduation jobs.

#71 – Central Ohio Technical College

Location: Newark, Ohio
Tuition: $4,296

Central Ohio Technical College awards two Associate of Applied Science degrees in the field of sonography. These degrees are General, which focuses on abdominal and ob/gyn, while Cardiovascular focuses on adult echocardiography and vascular sonography.

#72 – Horry Georgetown Technical College

Location: Conway, South Carolina
Tuition: $4,768

HGTC offers a certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, though students with appropriate credits can graduate with an A.A.S. degree in Occupational Therapy with a major/emphasis in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP.

#73 – Delta College

Location: University Center, Michigan
Tuition: $4,847

Delta College’s DMS program offers certificates, associate in applied science, and dual associate’s degrees in DMS and general management. The certificate program is five semesters in length and prepares students for the National Certifying examinations for RDMS certification. The Associate’s degree is also five months long, but includes additional requirements to qualify for a degree. Finally, students can add a second associate degree in General Management.

#74 – Southeast Technical Institute

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Tuition: $4,728

Southeast Technical Institute offers associate degrees in Cardiac Ultrasound Technology, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, and Vascular Ultrasound Technology. Every student who graduated with the A.A.S. degree in DMS from STI was employed in the field within six months of graduation.

#75 – Tacoma Community College

Location: Tacoma, Washington
Tuition: $4,194

Tacoma Community College’s DMS program is full-time and lasts 21 months long. Students who complete the program receive an Associate of Applied Science degree with a specialization in DMS. Training includes both classroom and laboratory instruction. Students must also complete clinical education in an affiliated ultrasound department. Graduates can take certifying exams for the ADMS in Abdomen and OB/GYN.

#76 – University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Tuition: $4,128

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center offers a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences – Sonography. The program is offered at the Oklahoma City campus after students have completed 64 hours of general education, including prerequisite courses. The program consists of 68 semester hours of sequenced, integrated didactic and clinical courses. Upon program completion, graduates can sit for the certification examination in sonography from the ARDMS.

#77 – Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

Location: Andalusia, Alabama
Tuition: $4,230

The DMS program at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College is a two year Associate in Applied Science Degree program. Classes begin in the fall and DMS program students spend four consecutive semesters in the program, graduating at the end of the fall term the next year. The program provides didactic and clinical training.

#78 – Gwinnett Technical College

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Tuition: $4,932

Gwinnett Technical College’s DMS program is accredited by the CAAHEP. The school’s goal is to teach students various types of sonography so that they can become experts in the field of ultrasound technology. The school offers monthly information sessions so prospective students can learn more about the program.

#79 – Marion Technical College

Location: Marion, Ohio
Tuition: $4,414

Marion Technical College offers an Associate of Applied Science in DMS. A minimum of 32 observation hours at three different clinical sites is a requirement for graduation. For 2014, students had a 100 percent job placement rate within six months of graduation.

#80 – Oakland Community College

Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Tuition: $4,725

Oakland Community College’s DMS program leads to an Associate in Applied Science Degree and is designated as an Extended Degree Program. It requires a minimum of 73 credit hours for completion. Students seeking to become ultrasound technicians learn through theory and clinical experiences.

#81 – Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Tuition: $4,198

Candidates for the DMS program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College must make it through a competitive enrollment process. Once accepted, they need to complete a mandatory four-hour job shadow, as well as a background check. The program teaches classes like Medical Terminology, Abdominal Sonography, Vascular Imaging, and Scanning with Proficiency.

#82 – Wallace State Community College

Location: Hanceville, Alabama
Tuition: $4,260

Wallace State offers an Associate in Applied Science in sonography. The program is a six-semester, competency-based curriculum that includes practical experience in health institutions around the region. After graduation, students can earn certifications from the ARDMS and ARRT.

#83 – Saint Louis Community College

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
Tuition: $4,410

At Saint Louis Community College, students can choose two DMS program options: Medical Sonography or Cardiac Sonography. Applicants must already have an associate’s degree or higher and complete all prerequisite courses prior to application. Students attend the program full time and complete classroom work along with clinical education.

#84 – Middlesex Community College

Location: Bedford, Massachusetts
Tuition: $4,394

Graduates from the Middlesex Community College DMS program have a consistently high pass rate in the ARDMS exams. Before graduation, students achieve proficiency in sonographic physics and instrumentation, obstetrical, gynecological, abdominal, and neurosonography.

#85 – Burlington County College

Location: Pemberton, New Jersey
Tuition: $4,365

Burlington County College offers a DMS program that leads to an associate’s degree, certificate, or diploma. The programís mission is to combine a strong science education, practical experience, and liberal arts education to prepare individuals for a job as an ultrasound technician.

#86 – Weatherford College

Location: Weatherford, Texas
Tuition: $3,720

Weatherford College offers a 22-month DMS program that includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience. The course is comprised of 65 semester-credit hours. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP.

#87 – El Centro College

Location: Dallas, Texas
Tuition: $3,015

El Centro College offers two sonography programs: Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Cardiac Sonography. The latter is an intensive program that is completed in one nine-week summer semester and two 16-week academic semesters. The program requires a full-time commitment. The DMS program has students attending class two days a week and performing clinical rotations three days a week.

#88 – Miami Dade College

Location: Miami, Florida
Tuition: $3,486

The Medical Campus at Miami Dade College offers a two-year, six-semester Associate in Science degree in DMS. The program requires full-time attendance during the day and averages up to 40 hours per week. Students at Miami Dade spend about 1,920 hours in supervised clinical rotations before graduation.

#89 – Louisiana State University

Location: Eunice, Louisiana
Tuition: $3,522

Louisiana State University’s Cardiovascular Sonography program is part of the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Cardiopulmonary Science. Students must complete 60 hours of acceptable credit prior to registration. Advanced placement is not offered for cardiac sonography, and prior education or work experience is not accepted in lieu of coursework.

#90 – Bellevue College

Location: Bellevue, Washington
Tuition: $3,754

Bellevue College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound with three specialty tracks: General, Vascular Technology, and Echocardiography. Each specialty has a 100 percent job placement rating and a 100 percent pass rating for the ARDMS certification exams.

#91 – Spokane Community College

Location: Spokane, Washington
Tuition: $3,512

Spokane Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in DMS, which comes with admission requirements like an appropriate ASSET or COMPASS score, as well as a GPA of at least 2.5 in each prerequisite course. Students may only repeat a class once, and recommended prerequisites include Organic and Biochemistry for Health Sciences, well as nursing assistant coursework.

#92 – Temple College

Location: Temple, Texas
Tuition: $3,744

Temple College’s A.A.S. Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree takes 72 credit hours to complete and includes classes like Sonography of Superficial Structures, General Psychology, Neurosonology, and a practicum.

#93 – Broward College

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuition: $2,542

Broward College’s associate’s degree in DMS starts with classroom experience, including an understanding of physics, communication skills for health professionals, and sonography scanning techniques. The program takes 24 months, or six semesters, to complete. A typical semester has students attending two full days of class and three eight-hour days at a clinic in the area.

#94 – Valencia College

Location: Orlando, Florida
Tuition: $2,474

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Valencia College is a selective admission, limited enrollment program. Once they complete an A.S. degree at Valencia, students have the option of continuing to get a Bachelor’s degree from the school in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences. An Advanced Technical Certificate is also offered in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

#95 – Santa Fe College

Location: Gainesville, Florida
Tuition: $2,539

Santa Fe College offers no advanced placement for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Rather, applicants to the program must take all courses within the professional didactic and clinical curriculum. The program takes five semesters and is conducted in cooperation with local hospitals and imaging centers. Graduates from the program earn an Associate of Science degree and can take the exams from the ARDMS and the ARRT.

#96 – College of Southern Nevada

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuition: $2,700

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at College of Southern NEvada is a six-semester program with the goal of preparing students for a job in the field of ultrasound. The school offers two concentrations, general/vascular and cardiac/vascular. Both programs begin in June and last six consecutive semesters. During that time, students will be assigned to various ultrasound experiences to practice their newfound skills on patients.

#97 – Merced College

Location: Merced, California
Tuition: $1,138

Merced College offers a professional supervised general sonography certificate program. The college’s Allied Health Center houses a complete sonography suite, large computer lab, conference rooms, study rooms, and several large and small classrooms. Students will train in the center with state-of-the-art equipment before applying the new skills in a clinical training environment.

#98 – Foothill College

Location: Los Altos Hills, California
Tuition: $1,551

Foothill College offers an 18-month certificate and possible Associate of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Students learn didactic and laboratory instruction and all courses are completed in sequence. The program provides the opportunity to apply clinical experience to the program requirements, offering a new and challenging career.

#99 – Forsyth Technical Community College

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Tuition: $2,056

The Associate of Applied Science degree at Forsyth Technical Community College takes five semesters to complete and only eight students are admitted per year. The program is accredited by the CAAHEP and students are eligible to sit for the ARDMS exams once coursework is complete.

#100 – Johnston Community College

Location: Smithfield, North Carolina
Tuition: $2,401

Johnston Community College offers associateís degrees in cardiac, vascular, and general sonography. Course work for the program includes physics, cross-sectional anatomy, abdominal, introductory vascular, and ob/gyn sonography. Graduates are eligible to take exams administered by the ARDMS to become registered ultrasound technicians.

#101 – Columbus Technical College

Location: Columbus, Georgia
Tuition: $2,496

The DMS program at Columbus Technical College is a competitive admissions program that awards an Associate of Applied Science degree. The program requires 33 hours of pre-occupational curriculum, along with 65 hours of occupational curriculum. Graduates can sig for the ARDMS examinations immediately after the program is complete. They can also elect to take the ARRT exam for Sonography.