It can be challenging to find an online degree that can prepare you to become an ultrasound technician, but it isn’t impossible. With millions of people enrolled in online courses, the non-traditional approach to learning is continuing to grow.

Still, there are some areas of education that are just now moving toward the online format. This is because degrees for fields like ultrasound technician require hands-on experience along with classroom learning.

Thankfully, there are some schools that offer online sonography and ultrasound programs, with hands-on experience taking place in a location close to the student.

Testing your ability to understand the theories is crucial. As with all online schools, make sure that the program is accredited. It must have proper accreditation in order for you to receive certification from The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

While a traditional on-campus approach may be better in some aspects, the online approach offers a flexibility that attending structured classes simply cannot compete with.

Online programs offer students the ability to study while still working and having time for family.

If you are interested in this field, consider these best online ultrasound technician schools.

Best Online Ultrasound Technician Schools

#1 – Adventist University

Location: Orlando, Florida
Degree(s) offered: Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences

In addition to radiography skills, students at Adventist University Health Sciences offers business skills to help them succeed. These additional classes help students learn about health administration while focusing on radiography theory and practice. The program’s blended curriculum contributes to students’ broader world view of radiologic sciences and patients.

The program is offered completely online so that students can balance work, family, and personal commitments along with classes. The Bachelor of Science requires an associateís degree or registration in Radiography, Radiologic Technology, Radiologic Sciences, or Nuclear Medicine Technology by either the ARRT or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB). However, students without these certifications can still complete the program with an additional 27 credit hours of cognate courses.

#2 – Northern Arizona University

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Degree(s) offered: Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Therapy (B.S.), Respiratory Care (B.S.)

Northern Arizona University offers a completely online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences – Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Therapy. With this degree, students can move into the field of nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, radiography, or sonography/ultrasound. For those looking to become an ultrasound technician, this program is accredited and flexible.

In order to be eligible for this online program, students must be admitted to, enrolled in, or be graduates from an associate degree program at a regionally accredited community college or university. NMU’s program is meant to be both flexible and convenient, allowing students to learn this concentration at their own pace.

#3 – Pima Medical Institute

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Degree(s) offered: A.O.S. in Radiography, B.S. in Radiologic Services

Pima Medical Institute is a for-profit medical career college. The school offers a few different completely online programs for those hoping to pursue a career as an ultrasound technician. Pima’s degree programs include an associate’s in Advanced Placement Track Radiography and a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences.

The Advanced Placement track is meant for radiographers who already possess a limited-scope or military education in radiography. The online B.S. is modeled after the ASRT Radiography curriculum and includes courses in Advanced Modalities, Sectional Anatomy, Health Care Management, and more. All classes are taught completely online.

#4 – Baptist Health System School of Health Professions

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Degree(s) offered: Accredited Program in Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Baptist Health System School of Health Professions offers a diploma program in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The program offers students the ability to sit for the Advance Certification Registry in MR offered by the ARRT after completion of coursework. The school also offers a blended program for an Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology. The diploma program is offered completely online

#5 – Fort Hays State University

Location: Hays, Kansas
Degree(s) offered: Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate

Fort Hays State Universityís online Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Imaging prepares students to become ultrasound technicians and cross-trains them in various areas of advanced imaging. The schoolís curriculum is completely online and requires a minimum of 124 credit hours for graduation. This school offers one of the few completely online B.S. degree programs in this field.

#6 – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Degree(s) offered: Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography for those with ARDMS Credential

The university of Arkansas for Medical Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography for technicians who already carry an ARDMS certification. Program hopefuls donít have to undergo any additional clinical education, meaning they can continue to work at their jobs while completing the program.

#7 – Washburn University

Location: Topeka, Kansas
Degree(s) offered: Diagnostic Medical Sonography Certificate Programs

Washburn Universityís Diagnostic Medical Sonography program has been offered online for the past 11 years. All students who complete the program are eligible to sit for the ARDMS or CCI. Students in the online program can arrange clinical education at an area close to home and they work closely with registered ultrasound faculty to complete their coursework. While the courses are offered online, Washburn emphasizes the importance of clinical experience.

#8 – Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

Location: Standish, Maine
Degree(s): Bachelorís of Science in Radiologic Science Administration

Saint Joseph’s College of Maine offers Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Radiologic Science Administration. Both programs are offered completely online. Students can enroll in either program as long as they are working through an approved Radiologic Technologist certificate program. They may not complete the degree program until the certificate program is completed and transcripts are verified. The major includes advanced courses in Radiologic Science Administration

#9 – Jackson College

Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Degree(s): Associate in Applied Science for Sonography

Jackson College is one of two institutions in the United States to have its online medical sonography programs fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Students here can complete a majority of their coursework online, with the exception of one science requirement. They must also complete a practical at a health care provider in their area.

#10 – Oregon Institute of Technology

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon
Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

In order to qualify for Oregon Institute of Technology’s online program, students must already be a registered sonographer. The degree completion program allows sonographers the option to advance their career through distance learning. The program combines a general education core with basic medical science and diagnostic medical sonography. Students who complete the degree have a chance to move up in the field of ultrasound technicians.