Nutritional degrees are becoming increasingly popular among college students and high school students preparing to start college. A degree in nutrition can span from human nutrition to food chemistry, and it gives students the flexibility to work in different places like hospitals, private facilities, or even self-employment. Job growth in this field will expand around 16-percent in the next eight years.

Students can hope to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in food science, nutrition science, or dietitian programs and receive their licensure afterward. A degree in nutrition can mean creating diet plans for clients, meal plans, or work in a laboratory to study the human diet and performance. Below is a list of the best online colleges offering online degrees in nutrition.

Best Online Nutrition Degrees – 2018

Canisius College

Located in Buffalo, New York, Canisius College offers a Master of Applied Nutrition that also has two specialty tracks for students to choose from in their program. Students can choose from the Obesity and Eating Disorders track or the Fitness and Sports Nutrition track, both of which are viable options for future employment.

Students and prospective students have the ability to obtain different types of aid to help through the woes of college expenses, and this college is accredited. Graduates will gain a knowledge of how to research and fulfill important roles in their fields of study.

North Carolina State University

NCSU is a common university that is known for many of their outstanding degree programs. However, their online Master of Nutrition program is one that stands out. Students who pursue their master’s in nutrition from NCSU have the options to choose their track and future goals. Located in Raleigh, NC, this accredited college has many employment opportunities after graduation.

They have two program options of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Food, and Bioprocessing. NCSU strives to ensure that students are getting the coursework and knowledge they need to carry on a career in the field of nutrition.

University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this school offers an interesting program from their Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences. Their Master of Science with a specialization in Dietetics offers students a chance to be prepared for things like advanced nutrition and other health science related careers.

The classroom is an online setting with an individual professor who leads the class in more exciting and interactive ways. Students can choose from a thesis or a non-thesis track, and they will spend their time studying functional foods, macronutrients, nutritional immunology, and even food service management.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Students who attend UMass online will have the chance to earn their Master of Public Health. This degree program is designed to help diversely bring students together to expand the knowledge of public health, health care, and more. Those wanting to start the program are offered three concentrations of Nutritional Problems in the U.S., Nutritional Epidemiology, and Environmental Health Practices.

This school is located in Amherst, MA, and they offer many different forms of financial aid for students who need the extra help with finances during school. After graduation, students can expect to be given access to many closed off parts of their profession, which the degree offers to them. Students can dive deeper into public health care.

American University

American University, located in Washington, DC, offers a high-reviewed nutrition program. Their specialty is in Nutrition Education, which is what their degree program is based on. They also offer three different concentrations for their degrees like Health Communication, Vitamins and Minerals, and Multicultural Health.

AU offers several forms of financial aid to help their students with the difficulties of college expenses, and they support their graduates by helping them gain an understanding of nutritional health. They even help students with the intersection of studies like health policy, child development, and disease prevention.

Northeastern University

Boston seems to be thriving with schools of all kinds, but Northeastern University is the highlight when it comes to online nutrition programs. They offer many forms of financial aid for students and prospective students, and their program works through a virtual, online classroom to help students expand their knowledge for their future careers.

The nutrition program at this school consists of four different concentration paths: Obesity and Eating Disorders, Nutrition and Fitness, Nutrition Education, and Business and Entrepreneurship in Nutrition. These concentrations are a great way for students to build on their scientific research and bring nutrition application to the real world.

University of the Incarnate Word

One of the most affordable schools offering a degree plan in nutrition is the University of the Incarnate Word. Though not very well-known, this university offers classes in food culture, health and nutrition communication, life cycle nutrition, and nutrition therapy and pathophysiology.

They are a non-profit university that is accredited. The University of the Incarnate Word even offers an acceptance rate of 92-percent. This means that students have a higher chance of receiving a quality degree in nutrition from this school before they step into the real world to deal with nutrition.

Arizona State University

This college is a common college, known for their many online programs. One of their incredible online programs is their Master of Nutrition (Dietetics). This program focuses students on promoting their careers and helping bring more dietitians into the real world. They teach their students how to research and analyze their research in their future careers.

Offering different types of aid, ASU also has three different concentrations with their degree: Mindful Eating, Food Service Purchasing, and Human Nutrition. They have many options to fit most any nutrition student or prospective student. This school is located in Tempe, Arizona.

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is another non-profit school that strives to give their students a quality education. Their program for nutritional science is a top program, and this school is even one of the least expensive colleges to attend for a nutritional degree plan. They are accredited as well.

Some of the things that students will learn at the University of Arizona is food science, nutrition education and counseling, fundamentals of food science, and even community nutrition. These class examples are just a few of the many options offered to students in the classrooms at the school. After graduation, students will be prepared for a career in nutritional science.

New York Institute of Technology

Located in New York, New York, this college provides several types of aid to their students, including those who are seeking a degree in nutrition. Their Master of Clinical Nutrition helps to focus on the coursework and knowledge of nutrition, and after graduation, students can be confident in their research skills to be a benefit to the health industry as a whole.

The program offered at this college offers three different concentrations along with the degree. These concentrations are Critical Nutrition Assessment, Critical Issues in the Food Supply, and Nutrition Pharmacology. This accredited school is one of the more expensive schools, but the degree is worth it.

The Sage Colleges

An applied Nutrition program from the Sage Colleges is ideal for building a solid foundation in the scientific aspects of nutrition like research, public health, and nutrition communications. Located in Albany, New York, this school offers several grants, loans, and awards for students wishing to attend their school.

Their nutrition program even has concentrated coursework like Healthcare Strategy, Weight Management, and Leadership Development. Graduates from Sage are given many opportunities for employment, and they offer a flexible program for those with experience in the field already.

Central Michigan University

Situated in Mount Pleasant, MI, CMU has many different options when it comes to their study plans. Their online Master in Nutrition and Dietetics is a program that benefits many students, both experienced and new. The online classroom is diverse and exciting for every student.

The program has three options by which students can choose when beginning their time at CMU. The Thesis Option, Internship Option, and Coursework Option are all ways to make the program more flexible for students of all sorts.

Benedictine University

The online Master’s in Nutrition and Wellness from Benedictine University is a degree with a multi-dimensional aspect of health studies. The school works to enhance the knowledge of the student in this field of study by offered two concentrations to the degree plan: Health Education and Nutrition Entrepreneurship.

Students who graduation from Benedictine University will have many career opportunities and more chances to have a higher salary. Since they have many employment positions for their alumni, they can offer these positions to students. They even have a few forms of aid for students who need help with the expenses during school. This school is located in Lisle, IL.

Kansas State University

Kansas State offers an online masters in nutrition which helps prepare students for a career in healthcare or dietetics. This program has two tracks; a thesis track and a non-thesis track. Students can choose from either track depending on their needs and focus goals.

The Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition offered here works through elective and core coursework. The school works with the College of Business Administration as well for students who may wish to have a more business-oriented coursework plan. Some of the electives offered to students are healthcare administration and management of food services.

Adelphi University

Located in Garden City, New York, this university has a Master of Nutrition online with three different concentrations focusing on Recent Advances in Macronutrients, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and Community Nutrition. Their students and prospective students are offered several types of financial aid for the expenses of the school.

This degree helps the graduate confidently work in positions where their planning, research, and communication will be useful. Students will be given a chance to work in public health, education, research, and wellness positions after graduation. This degree opens up new opportunities for the students.

North Dakota State University

A Master in Dietetics from NDSU means a great knowledge in both Medical Nutrition Therapy and even foodservice management. The program prepares students for many different career opportunities in these areas, and their program has three levels of concentrated coursework like Sports Nutrition, Nutrition Education in the Community, and Foodservice Operations and Management.

They offer several types of aid for students, and their employment opportunities will be expanded after graduation. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, this university might not be well-known, but they have a distinctive program by which students can learn the ins and outs of nutrition.

Colorado State University

Students who choose to attend CSU have the option of taking a thesis track or a non-thesis track, though both have a final project. Students can work toward their master’s in nutrition from CSU online, and since they are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, it might be better to take advantage of the distance learning.

Their Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition is a part of their Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at the school, and it offers graduates a chance to dive further into the studies of micronutrients, nutrition and oncology, and other dietetics type studies. Their program helps prepare students for a career in food science and nutrition.

Texas Women’s University

Located in Denton, Texas, this university is for more than just women. They even have a diverse Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences. Offering a Master in Nutrition, Texas Women’s University helps students gain knowledge and broader look at nutrition in the forms of wellness, environment, and community.

Their degree has three concentrations that boost the student’s chances of having a successful career in nutrition. Eating Disorders and Eating Behaviors, Nutritional Aspects of Vegetarianism, and Nutrition and Gerontology are the three concentrations offered by this college, and they lead to the potential for a Ph.D. in this field.

University of Southern Mississippi

Also known informally as Southern Miss, this school offers programs in child nutrition and nutrition and food systems. Through this program, students will learn a great deal about educational techniques an research techniques that will eventually boost their career opportunities after graduation.

This program is designed to teach students about child nutrition and how to focus on the nutritional needs of a child. Located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, this smaller college is accredited with many different programs. They teach their students to build healthy relationships in schools and communities for their future careers.

University of Alabama

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the University of Alabama has an extensive program for environmental sciences. Specifically, their Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences with the focus on Human Nutrition is a highly ranked degree program at the university. They have three track options for students, and they work to prepare students for the career path chosen.

Students who graduate from UA will be prepared for research, community focus, and more. Aside from the high athletics at the school, UA puts a deep focus on their students to ensure that their graduates are placed in career paths suited to their degree program. The nutrition program at the University of Alabama is no different. Students will leave the school with a high knowledge of nutrition and a hearty “Roll Tide.”

Best Online Nutrition Degrees – Conclusion

Though the information above might be a lot to take in, any perspective students should research prices, concentrations, and overall programs to find the best online nutrition degrees to suit their needs. Students should always go with their gut when choosing a school and find the best option for their current situation and their future goals.