Best Geology Colleges

Simply put, geology is one of the most exciting fields to enter. Geologists study the earth and its structures, materials and formation from the formation of the earth and forward. […]

Best Ultrasound Technician Schools

When most people think of ultrasound technicians, they immediately think of pregnant women. However, these technicians can be found in every sector of the medical field, from obstetrics to cardiology, […]

Accountant Salary How Much Do Accountants Make ?

Accountant Salary for 2018 Accounting is a steady, highly compensated profession in a bleak economic landscape. Accountants often report high job satisfaction, can take off a good portion of the […]

Columbia Southern University

Founded in Orange Beach, Alabama in 1993, Columbia Southern University is a distance learning institution with a full range of associates, bachelors and graduate programs focusing on business administration, occupational safety […]

Birmingham-Southern College

Birmingham-Southern College is an institution formed from two pre-existing colleges: Southern University of Greensboro, Alabama (founded 1856), and Birmingham College of Birmingham, Alabama (founded 1898). Both were private schools that were united in 1918 as […]

Auburn University at Montgomery

Auburn University at Montgomery was created as a branch of its parent institution, Auburn University, in 1967 before moving to its current campus just east of Montgomery, Alabama, in 1971. Auburn […]

Auburn University

Founded in 1856 as the East Alabama Male College, a private religious school, Auburn University was renamed the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama in 1892, becoming a public coeducational institution […]