Of all the degrees options available, a social work degree offers the most diverse set of job opportunities. A Masters of Social Work degree is a two-year program for a full-time student. You’ll be amazed at the large variety of careers available to a social worker(though not always high paying jobs). Here are some of the career opportunities.

1. Hospice Worker

Hospice staff provide counseling to terminal patients and their families. After a person has died they also offer bereavement counseling and groups to the surviving family members.

2. Nursing Home Director

The job would include administrative tasks, volunteer coordination, overseeing staff members, and providing programming options to residents.

3. Therapist

Therapists can work at outpatient mental health centers to provide counseling to individuals or families of a variety of ages. They can also work in programs that have mostly group therapy for mentally ill individuals who need more intensive services. It is also possible to setup your own private practice.

4. Administrator Of Charity Agencies

Food banks, homeless shelters or abused women’s shelters are some of the type of agencies that would employ social workers to seek funding sources, outreach to the community, coordinate volunteers, and provide services to individuals in need.

5. Child Protective Services

There are many types of jobs at child protective services, such as answering calls of suspected child abuse or neglect, investigating possible abuse, supervising the line staff, observing parents during visits with children, and providing parenting education and counseling.

6. Positions At Hospitals

Hospitals employ social workers to help with discharge planning, including where an individual will stay after discharge and what community services a person may need to aid in recovery. Psychiatric hospitals have social workers for discharge planning and to provide group and individual therapy to patients.

7. Psychiatric Crisis Screener

Many hospitals have a psychiatric crisis unit that will assess any patients in the ER or on medical units who exhibit psychiatric symptoms or suicidal ideation. If they find the person needs ongoing psychiatric services then they will find a relevant placement.

8. Adjunct Professor

Many universities hire social workers for their Masters of Social Work degrees to teach practice-related classes. People who are actually working in the field provide valuable perspective for the students.

9. School Social Worker

School social workers would provide therapy, help with evaluating special needs of students, and link students to community psychiatric services. They are also strong advocates on the child’s behalf between teachers, parents, and outside agencies

10. Prison Social Worker

Inmates are assessed to determine if they need psychiatric services. In addition to providing ongoing psych services during their imprisonment, social workers also help them have a successful release by assisting with housing, job, and financial assistance.