Most young people when they graduate high school don’t realize that college is a business. The business of your life. The next months, and years of your life are very important. Our mission is to be visionary leaders in helping you determine the right path for you.

For the last 10+ years we’ve been helping young people find the right colleges and universities. Guiding people onwards to the next stages of their lives. Helping people find meaning, and creating progress on their lifelong dreams and aspirations.

We fully recognize that our audience isn’t here to serve us. We are here to SERVE THEM.

So much of our audience are young people driven to help make the world a better place. Striving to become nurses, doctors, lawyers, and the future educators of the next generations.

There are other review sites influenced by big media, and powered by big money. That’s not us. We are completely independent.

We strive to make a small dent in the universe. Helping a small, select, group of people who truly want to impact the world. We do this by reviewing, and ranking the best colleges in America based on affordability, peer review, major emphasis, and graduate earnings.

We exist to help people make an impact in the world.

We do this in a few ways. Our independent, leadership driven reviews & our online career guides.

We’ve chosen to keep our company intentionally independent. Never taking any venture capital. We are also small, intentionally small. Being small allows us to focus on serving out our mission instead of building a large corporate infrastructure.

Having been in the education business for over a decade we’ve probably made every mistake in the book. We’ve learnt from every failure, and we’re better for it.

On our website there are two paths.

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