Forums, and Community Discussion groups are a great way for students to get help while they are at college, and to develop an online support group.

An online discussion group. Online services and bulletin board services (BBS’s) provide a variety of forums, in which participants with common interests can exchange open messages. In the early days of the internet they were very popular.

In today’s world most people use Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and SnapChat to discuss amongst friends. But what if you want to expand your conversation outside of your friend group ?

Here are some of the best web forums and communities you can explore.

Reddit – General Discussion
College Confidential
The Mighty health and mental health
Student Doctor for students who are studying to become doctors
Art of Problem Solving for Math Students
Physics Forums – for physics students
PhysicsGRE – for physics grad students
greeklife – for fraternity and sorority
Chronicle of Higher Education – Student and Higher Education Help
The Finance Forums – financial advice
Fluent in 3 months – a great forum for language learners
GradCafe – A Forum For Grad Students
Student Room – A forum for UK Students
PhinisheD – a support group for those working on their dissertations