Businesses of all sizes need people who are prepared to step up and take charge. A degree in business leadership gives students the skills they need to motivate individual workers, as well a groups, to perform at their best on the job. Since this program includes course work in business ethics, organizational structure and collaborating in a team setting, it provides a good base of knowledge that can be applied in the business world.

Whether you are interested in leading a team working on a project or running a business of your own, pursuing a degree in business leadership is a good choice. You will learn the theory behind motivating people in the business world, as well get practical training for implementing them. Examples of the courses you will be taking include the following:

• Business Economics
• Business Statistics
• Career Planning
• Creating Inclusive Trust Cultures
• Finance for Business Managers
• Human Resources for the Career-Minded Professional
• Information Technology Strategies
• Intercultural Communication
• Leading in Dynamic Environments
• Personal Ethics in Organizations
• Principles of Marketing

Career Options
A degree in business leadership will prepare you for these career opportunities:

• Chief Executive Officer
• Entrepreneur
• General Operations Manager

You also have the option of continuing your leadership studies at the Master’s or Doctorate levels.