Today, advertising is one of the most important means of launching a new product and continuing to build brand loyalty for existing customers. Advertising majors who have strong communications skills are particularly in demand to help develop new digital, mobile and Internet ad campaigns to reach new audiences.

As a result, it’s important to have analytical skills, as well as knowledge of alternative ad format and international markets in order to make yourself a competitive candidate. Jobs in the field are generally for in-house advertising management, as well as at dedicated advertising agencies, where a premium is placed on cross-channel marketing.

Students will often begin their carers as account managers, working directly with clients as they advance to more senior strategic positions as creative directors and product managers.

Salary Expectations

Entry level positions generally start at $35,000, with managers earning upwards of $60,000 with a few years of experience and a strong track record. A premium is placed on work experience, so try to get exposure to the field before applying as a job candidate.