If you aren’t intimidated by numbers and you have the ability to think logically, then pursuing a degree in accounting may be the right choice for you. Accountants are experts at gathering and analyzing financial information. The job involves more than just counting beans; it may involve making recommendations to their superiors about whether or when to buy or lease equipment, increase or decrease staffing levels, or calculating the cost of materials.

Accounting is considered a recession-proof career choice, with demand expected to grow over the next several years. This program will prepare graduates for several careers, including:

• Auditor or Internal Auditor
• Corporate Tax Planner
• Government Accountant
• Management Accountant
• Public Accountant

You may choose to concentrate your accounting degree studies in one of these areas:

• Accounting and Information Systems
• Banking
• Financial Investigation
• Government and Nonprofit Accounting
• Private Sector Accounting
• Taxation

Here are some examples of the courses that accounting students may take as part of their degree program:

• Accounting Systems
• Advanced Accounting
• Algebra
• Auditing
• Cost Accounting
• Database Management Systems
• Elementary Statistics
• General Psychology
• Income Tax
• Intermediate Accounting
• Introduction to Computer Technology
• Introduction to Programming
• Legal Environment in Business
• Managerial Finance
• Microeconomics
• Macroeconomics
• Principles of Accounting
• Principles of Marketing
• Principles of Management
• Public Speaking
• Spreadsheet Applications
• Writing in Your Profession