Getting a Bachelors degree in accounting is a popular choice for students. The job offers low stress levels and a good rate of pay. Accounting grads are in demand, too, and many of them find work relatively quickly. Specialized computer programs are being used to perform many functions that accountants used to do manually, which means that the job is now more about analyzing information and making recommendations about decisions than in the past.

Having an aptitude for mathematics is a given for people looking to major in accounting, but you also need to have good communication skills. It’s not enough to be able to perform bean counting functions, you need to be able to explain your findings to other people. This type of work requires a high level of ethics as well. If you decide to major in accounting, you would be taking these kinds of courses:

• Accounting Information Systems
• Accounting Transaction Analysis
• Auditing
• Business Law
• Cost Accounting
• Fund Accounting
• Intermediate Financial Accounting
• Managerial Cost Accounting
• Operations Management
• Professional Ethics
• Strategic Management

Career Options

Here are some career options open to graduates from an accounting program:

• Government Accountant
• Internal Auditor
• Management Accountant
• Personal Accountant
• Public Accountant