As companies seek to better handle on their finances in light of growing regulations, accounting majors are becoming increasingly important in today’s work force. In addition to have a strong set of quantitative skills, accounting students are expected to have strong presentation and communications skills to convey the state of financial records to management. The strongest overall job growth is for certified public accountants (CPAs), which require you to earn a certification after your undergraduate degree. However, for some accounting related jobs, all that is needed is an associate’s degree in accounting.

Additionally, more specialized management and government accountants can be called upon for specific forensic accounting, which involves working with financial records on a case by case basis, often in the case of legal issues. These jobs can also involve auditing, which is a growing area for public firms seeking to provide clear records of their finances to investors.

Salary Expectations

Starting accountants generally earn above $40,000, with a premium for certified accountants in major job markets. For students who have more specialized skills in audits and finance, salaries can extend even higher.