Professional military education is at its best in Air University, which is at the center of the Air Education and Training Command program. AU, as it is also called, has its headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. The university prides itself in providing the widest range of educational opportunities to its students, from degree programs to continuing education programs.

Majors offered in Air University are spread over various schools and centers. Some of these are the Air Force Institute of Technology, Carl A. Spaatz Center for Officer Education, Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, and Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education. Some schools also include online programs and online classes, giving students more flexible options on how to carry out their studies.

Air University caters to all levels of Airmen – enlisted personnel and officers – as well as civilians who are interested in what the institution has to offer. The number of students enrolled at Air University varies greatly depending on the course and the mode of learning. For example, the average annual enrollment for the Air and Space Basic Course is 2,700, plus 9,000 students taking the course online. As of 2007, the student to faculty ratio is 650 to 1, which may at first seem high, but given the fact that a huge number of students are taking online classes, the figures are quite average.

Interested parties – civilians and military personnel alike – may contact the University Registrar for further information on the admissions process, tuition fees, financial aid, room and board, and the other similar concerns.