While psychology is a great degree by itself and can lead to you a great career, it is also one of the best secondary degrees to have. Having a psychology degree under your belt will give you a significant advantage over your competition in the workplace and will usually boost your initial salary considerably.

Employers are really looking for employees with a psychology degree because they can not only deal with problems when they arise, whether employee or customer related, but also have the ability to understand why that problem is occurring. Some fields that can really give you a leg up on the competition if you have a psychology degree are business, medicine, and engineering.

A business degree is one of the most pursued degrees in the world because it gives you the skills to enter a company and begin working your way up. The problem is, everyone has one! You need to set yourself apart from the crowd and a psychology degree is one of the best ways to do this. If an employer sees that on your resume, they know they are about to hire someone who understands people, can work well with them, and even understands themselves.

Any successful business person will tell you that if you don’t understand people and how to get them what they want, you simply won’t succeed in the business field. Occupational psychology is probably the best type of degree to get if you plan on entering the business world and conquering it.

If you plan on entering the medical field in any way, it’s almost essential that you get a psychology degree in addition to your main degree or certificate. Whether you plan on becoming a doctor or nurse or even a more specialized area, a psychology degree will get you hired faster your competition and probably with a better salary. The medical field demands that you are able to understand people in every possible way. Even if you are an MD, if you don’t have the ability to relate to your patients, you could end up being replaced or given a less than desirable position in a rural hospital. The two best psychology degrees for the medical field are health and neuropsychology but many other specializations work great too.

No career can take advantage of a degree in psychology better than law enforcement. Law enforcement covers a very broad field but at it heart, it’s trying to understand why people take part in dangerous and illegal activities and how to get them to change that behavior. A regular patrol officer might not need a psychology degree if they plan on staying with that job their entire life but it’s almost a necessity for those planning on being a detective or working for a government agency. While a patrol officer may have an annual salary around $44,000, a law enforcement agent who works in a more specialized field with a psychology background could make an additional 50%. That’s a huge jump for a couple extra years in school and employers look very highly on those with psychology degrees. You can get promoted faster, earn more, and be able to truly make a difference in the lives of the people you meet while on the job.

No matter what you are getting a degree in, adding a psychology degree is almost guaranteed to give you an edge on the competition and will usually give you a great boost in your salary.